The Benefits of Having Attorneys Create Your Final Will

No one wants to think about their death, especially if it means leaving behind loved ones.


However, many people find peace of mind in knowing that the people they love are taken care of, and that their estate is being handled as they wish – especially if it involves large assets or children.


One of the most common legal documents today is the Will, or a document that outlines your assets and to whom they pass upon your death. Typically, Wills are drafted by those who have bank accounts, stocks, or real estate assets without any co-signature. To be deemed valid they must be notarized after being signed by witnesses.


When dealing with the requests in a final will, there is a process, known as Probate, that is required for documents dealing with sizeable assets, such as real estate, bonds, securities, stocks or bank accounts that do not have a co-signature. Other assets, such as automobiles, do not require a probate process.


The probate process can be quite costly, but it can be avoided. Wills attorneys who are experienced in the many nuances of final Wills can provide options and insight into ways to make sure that your Will covers the future security of your family and assets, without having to negotiate any unnecessary financial or bureaucratic hurdles.


If You Are Considering a Will


Although there are inexpensive options available to assist with the final Will process, nothing can take the place of consulting with an experienced attorney. An attorney’s input into the construction of your Will helps to ensure that nothing is left to ‘interpretation’ – that your wishes are clear. No two people’s lives are exactly the same, and the same goes for their Wills.


When considering you Will, it is important to remember that detail is everything, and qualified attorneys can provide the best individual advice on the clauses in your Will and the management of your estate, after carefully evaluating your situation.


In Texas and New Mexico, there are Wills attorneys who can pay special attention to your situation and expectations for the future, and who can assist in the drafting of a Will that covers the people you love following your death.


The attorneys at Gilstrap & Associates, P.C. have been creating Wills for clients since 1975, for clients across Texas and New Mexico. Our attorneys care, and actively pursue ways to save you time and money, without sacrificing quality or a successful end result.


If you are looking to protect the future interests of your loved ones, our attorneys are here to help.


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