Texas, New Mexico and Missouri


El Paso County, Texas

18-Wheeler Negligence: 18-wheeler driver negligently rear-ends vehicle in stalled traffic on interstate causing severe injuries.

Commercial Vehicle Negligence: Commercial truck driver negligently rear-ends vehicle in a travel lane resulting in severe neurological injuries to driver. Trucking company engages in multiple violations of state and federal laws (DOT violations).

Commercial Vehicle Negligence: Commercial truck driver negligently runs stoplight striking vehicle carrying Hollywood stunt men causing ejection of passenger through windshield and severe injuries to both occupants.

Sierra Blanca, Texas

18-Wheeler Negligence: 18-wheeler negligently rear-ends vehicle in a travel lane as a result of driver fatigue resulting in rollover and severe injuries.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

18-Wheeler Negligence: 18-wheeler driver negligently changes lanes striking vehicle resulting in rollover and death followed by truck driver fleeing scene.

St. Louis, Missouri

18-Wheeler Negligence:18-wheeler negligently collides with vehicles on shoulder resulting in sever impact, explosion, fire and multiple deaths.