New Mexico and Texas


Las Cruces, New Mexico

Vicious Dog Attack: Owner of vicious dog fails to secure dog and warn of danger resulting in severe dog bite injuries to child.

Electrocution: Local greenhouse employee electrocuted with 13,800 volts of electricity from a defective highline wire and power pole resulting in brain damage, amputation burns and other severe personal injuries.

San Antonio, Texas

Premises Liability: Child struck by vehicle on storefront sidewalk, propelled through plate glass window, and dragged through the store due to strip center failure to install vehicle intrusion barriers.

El Paso, Texas

Premises Liability: Child suffers near-death drowning at apartment complex in which pool area was not secured or supervised.

Premises Liability: & Wrongful Death: Couple falls off second story balcony of apartment home due to defective railing and violations of municipal building codes resulting in severe injuries and death.