Texas and New Mexico


Physician Negligence: Physician’s negligence during breast implant procedure results in disfigurement.

Physician Negligence: Physician fails to timely diagnose prostate cancer resulting in patient’s death.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Recovery room nurses and physician overdose patient with narcotic/drug (Fentanyl) resulting in life-long persistent vegetative state/coma.

El Paso, Texas

Physician Negligence: Surgical error results in infant’s death.

Physician Negligence: Physician fails to diagnose and treat lymphatic cancer evident in blood workup.

Rehabilitation Facility: Nursing staff’s failure to monitor catheter results in severe injuries to penis.

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Hospital staff and physician negligently fail to timely deliver infant, resulting in severe brain damage at birth.

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Failure to diagnose and treat internal bleeding in hospital emergency room results in death.

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Radiologist fails to recognize colon tumor in x-ray resulting in spreading of cancer to liver and other organs.

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Hospital staff and physician fail to report signs of and timely diagnose and treat post-surgical infection.

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Physician fails to arrive timely for delivery of infant, hospital staff fails to provide alternate physician after inducing labor resulting in severe injury during birth to macrosomic infant.

Hospital/Physician Negligence: Surgeon’s poor eyesight and hospital’s negligent credentialing of that physician results in severed bowel during hysterectomy procedure.

Hospital Negligence: Hospital nurse infects patient with virus causing patient lifelong injuries.