Texas and New Mexico


Las Cruces, New Mexico

Negligent Motorist/Wrongful Deaths: Intoxicated and drug-impaired driver drags female occupant to her death.

Negligent Motorist/Wrongful Deaths: Elderly driver with poor eyesight causes death of pedestrian.

Negligent Motorist/Negligent Entrustment: Incompetent teenage driver with history of drug abuse negligently rear-ends female classmate causing severe neck and back injuries.

Chaparral, New Mexico

Negligent Motorist/Underinsured Motorist/Wrongful Death: Reckless teenage driver swerves into oncoming traffic causing head-on collision resulting in death of driver.

El Paso, Texas

Negligent Motorist: Negligent and inattentive driver rear ends vehicle causing severe injuries requiring future surgeries.

Negligent Police Vehicle: Police vehicle fails to utilize siren and emergency lights, runs stop sign and collides with vehicle causing ejection of passenger and severe injuries.