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General Civil Law & Probate Lawyers

If you are searching for probate lawyers in El Paso, Texas, please give us a call. Whether you are seeking to probate the will of a loved one or need experienced litigation counsel in a contested probate matter, we can help. We charge a reasonable fee for our representation and promise to provide you and your family prompt, professional legal services. Call us at 915.581.0020 and ask to speak with Mr. Gilstrap about our services as probate lawyers in El Paso, Texas.


If a person dies without leaving a will, the Texas laws of intestate succession define the heirs and each heirs rights to share in the estate. If there is a will, the executor named in the will is responsible for filing the will in Probate Court and assuming the responsibility for administering the estate. Our El Paso probate lawyers can assist you and your family in carrying out your loved one's wishes and administering their estate in a prompt and professional manner. We assist the executor with carrying out their duties, including:

� Notifying heirs and publishing notice of the estate administration
� Identifying and preparing and inventory of estate assets
� Paying debts and taxes from the estate
� Handling any claims against the estate
� Distributing estate assets upon the completion of probate

Our firm can also help if probate litigation becomes necessary. Some problems that may arise include instances where a person interested in the estate alleges that the decedent was incompetent or under undue influence at the time of the last will and testament.

Contact our experienced Texas probate lawyers by calling (915) 581-0020 or submitting your information online.


The attorneys at Gilstrap & Associates, P.C. have extensive experience representing clients in a variety of other civil law matters. Our firm handles various civil law matters on a reasonable hourly fee basis, including business litigation and planning, real estate transactions and litigation, eminent domain and condemnation proceedings. Call (915) 581-0020 or contact us online to discuss your specific legal concerns.
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