Pope Condemns Child Abuse

Pope Benedict XVI publicly condemned child abuse by priests in a public announcement on Monday, saying the conduct is “behavior that the church hasn’t, and won’t ever stop condemning.” This public mea culpa is in direct contravention of the church’s practice of using all means available to cover-up the sexual abuse by its priests.

Case in point, David Holley. David Holley is currently serving a lengthy jail term in New Mexico following his sexual abuse of minor boys. Fr. Holley began his career in Worcester, Massachusetts. When he was caught abusing boys there, he was transferred to various dioceses, including the Diocese of El Paso. After he was caught in El Paso, he was transfered to the Diocese of San Angelo. In a letter dated September 20, 1977 regarding the transfer of Father Holley, Bishop Sydney Metzger, Bishop of the Diocese of El Paso, wrote to the Bishop of San Angelo, warning him that pedophile priests like Fr. Holley were “calculated risks.”

If you would like to read this letter, we have attached it to the link below. You can also read Fr. Holley’s affidavit at http://elpasoclergysexualabuse.com/holleyaffidavit.aspx.