Hunt Family Set to Launch Dallas-Based Commercial Development Firm

The Hunt family, best known as owners of the Kansas City Chiefs, has announced plans to launch a commercial real estate development and investment company in Dallas, Texas.


Real Estate Transactions


Southwest Real Estate Devlopment, LLC, part of Hunt Midwest Enterprises Inc. and the parent company for the Hunt family holdings, Unity Hunt Inc., will look to secure deals in Dallas’ red-hot commercial market, as well as in communities across Texas. Hunt Midwest is an industry leader in Kansas City, specializing in industrial markets. It also operates the largest underground business park in the world, SubTropolis.


Texas’ commercial market has remained a hotbed of activity over the last few years, with many companies flocking to its various cities to set up shop.


According to the Hunt corporate team, the investment climate in Texas, paired with prime markets for multifamily, industrial and office development, make this a particularly strategic venture.


Real Estate Deals in the Southwest


Real estate transactions are by no means limited to residential homes. Commercial transactions, such as those related to multifamily developments, office space, hotels or other hospitality properties, or shopping centers, make up a great deal of real estate transactions. Undeveloped, or raw, land also falls under the commercial umbrella.


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