Real Estate Lawyer in El Paso, TX

What type of real estate transactions does your firm cover?

Gilstrap & Associates covers both commercial and residential real estate transactions. The majority of our practice is commercial or business real estate transactions. If someone is selling an apartment complex, or selling or buying an office building, or buying or selling a hotel, our firm handles those type of transactions in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. And, of course, raw land and ranches. We also handle a lot of transactions of buying and selling a real estate that is not commercially developed, such as a shopping center or an apartment complex. We have had many, many years of history with that.

Why did you start assisting with commercial real estate transactions?

The firm Mr. Gilstrap began with in November 1975 consisted of corporate, commercial real estate, business and bank lawyers. He learned from the first day the ins and outs of representing people buying and selling or mortgaging commercial real estate, and buying and selling homes.

Our firm since has had a great many years of experience in this area. We have had very big clients who have had financial issues with banks, and they sell some of their commercial properties and lease them back. It is a way of securing financing for them. We did that with a publicly traded company back in the 70s and 80s. Our firm is very fortunate to have begun with a firm that focused in those type of transactions, and we continued that focus when this law firm was set up.

Why choose your firm for a real estate matter?

The experience of having done such a wide variety of real estate for 40 years sets my firm apart from others. We have dealt with large transactions from hotels to shopping centers, to big office buildings in downtown Tucson, right down to a residential home sale and a ranch. There is probably not a real estate transaction or a nature of a real estate transaction that we have not handled.

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