Commercial Litigation Lawyer in El Paso, TX

What does commercial litigation cover?

Commercial litigation covers a very broad field. We have sued many banks for lender liability and had some seven figure very good results. We have sued a company traded on the NASDAQ for complex matters. We have sued lawyers in Denver, Dallas, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Midland, Austin, Las Cruces, El Paso. That can be considered commercial litigation. We have brought claims and litigation against CPAs and architects. Sometimes even companies themselves have contract disputes where one is manufacturing for the other and maybe the products are not manufactured timely, or are manufactured in a defective fashion, or one of the parties decides to terminate the contract.

Our firm has much litigation in that type of area where corporations are fighting among themselves about their own relationships. Then of course, the incidents where you are a bank customer, or you are a lawyer’s client, or you are a physician’s patient, or a nurse’s patient, or a chiropractor’s patient, or a hospital’s patient. Many of those situations may overlap into the personal injury area of practice, but it does get into the commercial practice. So, we have handled many cases where corporate or partnership entities are suing each other for contract and other type of disputes.

How Have You Helped Businesses With Their Disputes?

We have had some very good results. Regarding the company traded on the NASDAQ, they have special requirements of filing with the SEC because of their publicly traded nature and disclosure of claims like this, and it became obvious to their defense counsel in Houston. They promoted remediation early, and it ended up being a seven figure result, over a million dollars. We knew they were very motivated to settle it for an internal reason that, obviously, they do not disclose to us. But, then, that was a dispute regarding a company that terminated a manufacturing contract with the manufacturer of American products in Mexico. My client was the manufacturer and had a lot of future lost income as a result of that breach. There is no end to the disputes between corporate entities, partnership entities, or people with their banks or their stock brokers. We have sued major, nationally recognized financial institutions, as well as a number of stock brokerage firms.

Why would you tell someone to choose your firm?

We have sued publicly traded companies on more than one occasion for breach of contracts, whether it is a manufacturing contract or otherwise. Tommy Gilstrap has been a commercial, corporate-type lawyer since 1975. Our firm has a wide range of experience in commercial litigation involving one company, or one partnership against a company or another partnership, as well as individual people and their rights with banks and lawyers and stock brokerage firms.

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